Leeds Modern School

FOOTBALL 1st XI 1934/35

Left to right -

Back row
1 J Goodyer 2 H Wilkinson 3 J Atkinson 4 L Brooks 5 R Richardson 6 P Atkinson 7 Mr. Fritchsi 8 H Dennison

9 A Hastie 10 S Muller 11 G Dennison (Capt.) 12 F Brown 13 G Durrans

“ I attended Leeds Modern School from 1932 to 1935 during which time my girlfriend was Marjorie Morat who attended Lawnswood High School at the same time. Marjorie and I met in 1932 when living at Horsforth and remained friends until 1941 when we lost contact. On a visit to Horsforth in 1966 we re-established contact and have remained friends since that time. I have to report that Marjorie is sitting at my side at this time some 73 years later.

… My near neighbour and good friend Joan Willder (née Bugge) also was at LHS at the same time as us. She left in1937.

… I joined the RAF in 1935 as an aircraft apprentice and served as a fighter pilot during and after the war leaving the service in 1963. Marjorie joined the WAAF during the war.

… My memories have faded somewhat but I did play the cornet in the school orchestra, took a very active part in athletics and played football in the school 1st Eleven alongside my friend Hubert Dennison and his brother George who I believe attained Head Boy status after I left to join the RAF. I met George some years later at RAF Ballyhalbert when we were stationed there at the backend of the war. He was a Lieutenant in the Fleet Air Arm. I met one or two other old school friends during the war, one of whom was in my form, but sadly one I do remember well did not survive, his name being M Schuler (spelling?)

… I have attached a pic of the Leeds Modern School football 1st Eleven of 1934/5. I am the young lad third from the left back row. My then close friend Hubert Dennison is on the extreme right, and his brother George is the captain, holding the ball.

… Best wishes from Jack Atkinson and Marjorie Law (née Morat).” Jack Atkinson ’32-’35