In this year, 1936, March 11th brought with it the Gym. Competition. The weeks before had been taken up with practices, disappointments and drawbacks, but at last the great day arrived. A calm resignation had descended upon the Captains and their teams, but among the audience the excitement was intense, and when Miss Thwaites, who had kindly consented to judge, entered with Miss Willey and Miss Boyd, everyone settled down to witness a keen contest.

Alert and intent, the teams followed one another and showed the result of their many weeks' work. Miss Thwaites' criticism was very interesting and helpful to Captains, teams and audience alike. Then came the result: Pale Green, 84%. "Congratulations, Pale Green!" Dark Blue, 81%; Dark Green and Pale Blue, 76%. Cheers for the Winning House, Miss Thwaites, Miss Willey and Miss Boyd, closed another exciting and enjoyable afternoon. Our thanks are due to Miss Boyd, House Mistresses, Captains and Teams for the hard work they put in to make the day a success.



It was with regret that we lost Joan Roberts, our Captain, and Betty Hills, our Vice-Captain, and we should like to extend our thanks to them for so spiritedly leading Dark Blue to win the Sports and Tennis Cups. However, we were fortunate in having Joan with us until Christmas, so that we could make use of her experienced advice. Our thanks are also extended to Miss McLeod, our House Mistress, and to Marjorie Fraser, our Vice-Captain, for their valuable help.

I write with pride when I say that the House has so far been most enthusiastic. We tied for the first place in the Netball Matches with Dark Green and Pale Green, after a series of interesting matches; in the Gymnastic Competition the team worked well and gained the second place—only two marks below Pale Green.

There are still the Sports, Tennis and Swimming Events to decide which House will take the Cup, and I end with an appeal to all Dark Blue girls to maintain their enthusiastic spirit and to keep our two Cups adorned with Dark Blue ribbon.



Captain: R. COHEN. Vice-Captain: E. FLETCHER.

At the end of last year we were very sorry to lose our Captain, I. Heap, and Vice-Captain, B. Collins, and we wish them all future success. We were again unfortunate in losing our new Vice-Captain, B. Houlden, at the end of the Christmas Term, but we welcome in her place E. Fletcher, and thank her for the splendid work that she has done for the House.

The results of the Netball Matches were again disappointing. We lost all the matches, but the scores were very close and the team showed keenness and enthusiasm throughout.

Although the Gym. practices were well attended and much hard work was put into them, yet we came bottom with Dark Green.

These results appear both disappointing and uninspiring, but, nevertheless the House has put in some good work, and I hope that in the forthcoming events, Tennis, Swimming and Sports, Pale Blue will "try, try again" until she is at the top of the lists.

I would now like to take this opportunity of thanking our House Mistress, Miss Walker, for the advice and help that she has willingly and constantly given in all House affairs.

R. COHEN (Capt.)


Captain: E. KIRKMAN. Vice-Captain: G. McMILLAN.

At the end of last year we lost a very able Captain in Hettie Crown but we are fortunate in retaining Miss Harriss as our House Mistress. Her advice and suggestions have proved exceedingly useful, and I should like to thank her and our Vice-Captain, Gracie McMillan, for the interest they have taken in all House events.

In Netball the team worked hard and well, and the matches resulted in a tie with Pale Green and Dark Blue for the first place. We were less successful in the Gym. Competition, although the result was an improvement on the previous year. Here we again tied, this time with Pale Blue for the third place. Sports Day is just ahead with the Tennis and Swimming Competitions coming nearly at the end of the term. I hope we shall repeat our success in the swimming and, if the Lower School shows the same keenness and enthusiasm which is to be found among the Seniors, we may even have a chance of regaining the Cup which we lost last year to Dark Blue.

So, play up, Dark Greens, and do not let failure be caused by any fault on your part.

E. KIRKMAN (Capt.)


Captain: E. STEAD. Vice-Captain: M. KILBURN.

At Christmas we were very unfortunate in losing our House Captain, Eileen Dawson, who, by her energy and the keenness of the team, had succeeded in enabling us to tie with Dark Blue and Dark Green in the Netball Matches.

We were successful in the Gymnastic Competition through the good work of the team, and although they were not all equal in size they were equal in enthusiasm.

I hope we shall do as well in the Sports and Tennis and, judging from the number of entries and good attendance at House Nights, we have a very good chance.

I should like to thank our Vice-Captain, Marjorie Kilburn, for her help and also our House Mistress, Miss Watson, for her good advice and support in all House Events.

E. STEAD (Captain.)

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