Left to right -

Back row
1 Jane Scanlon 2 Kathleen Peters 3 Susan Kellett 4 Margaret Stead 5 Brenda Nicholls 6 Jean Bywater 7 Hilary Burden 8 Carol Wiles 9 Nora Murray

Middle row
10 Carol Peacock 11 Carol Craven 12 Wendy Grove 13 Heather Nalley 14 Barbara Hollings 15 Susan Shepherd 16 Pat Guest 17 Beverly Pearson

Front Row
18 Christine Agar 19 Wendy Caton 20 Pamela Teal 21 Susan Atkinson 22 Helena Kelly 23 Elspeth Dickson 24 Jean Brook

“The photo was taken after the end of year concert, July 1961. I remember it well. I was wearing shorts as the skit we were doing had to have someone running across the stage on the line, 'her breath came in short pants!!'' I also remember getting some very odd looks from staff members wearing short shorts in school time!” Carol Peacock '55-'61

“I recognised a few names and faces, but the only one of those girls I ever got to know personally was Kathleen Peters. That was because she was already working in Woolworth's cash office when I went there as a Saturday girl. She moved on afterwards and I never saw her again, but I have a feeling at the back of my mind that she was active in local politics and became a councillor. Maybe someone else would know.” Margaret Collie '59-'66